What is Make An Offer?

Make An Offer is a feature we have on our site to allow our customers the opportunity to propose a price to us for the merchandise they desire. We typically use this feature for the products where we have room in our pricing margins because we have either negotiated a good price with the manufacturer or we have an overstock of an item. Most fair offers are accepted, and if the offer is below what we'd sell it for, we counter with a more reasonable price. Here is what our customers have to say about Faucet Depot's Make An Offer feature:

"The original price listed was $234. By clicking "Make an Offer" I offered $165.00, which was a price comparable to another site. FaucetDepot.com promptly accepted my price offer and I submitted my order."

"Prompt Response to my "Make an Offer" submission"

"Love the option of being able to make an offer on items."

"It is great how you give the customer the opportunity to make a reasonable offer."

"Great service, great products, great pricing. I love the Make An Offer option they have for some products."

"Like the offer and counter offer option; price paid was lower than any other web site I found for the comparable product."

"I appreciate being able to make an offer on products."

"I was very pleased with the "make an offer" feature and with the friendly and helpful support personnel when I called."

"The site was very easy to navigate and find what I wanted. I did most of my research here and ultimately made my purchases here as well. Really liked the "Make an Offer" and Free Shipping on some items."

"I haven't had occasion to order from Faucet Depot in over a year. I was very pleased with the web site redesign, and I liked the ability to make an offer for the merchandise."

"Love the ability to make an offer on products. You've saved us hundreds of dollars on a Blanco sink and a Grohe faucet!"

"I loved the opportunity to make an offer on products. Awesome concept!!"

"Great price already stated and then they allowed me to make an offer and save another $35. I have a co worker who is very likely to make the same purchase very soon."